Friday, May 13, 2011

My Family

I love my family. Maybe some of you have been able to understand/experience/witness the strange complexity of my family. If that's the case, well, aren't you a blessed soul?

Infact, these people are the few people I know that either make me laugh the most or laugh at me the most. Regardless, it's a pretty good set of dynamics.

Last week we had a birthday dinner for Andrew. Seated at the table, I found myself surrounded by some of my favorite people: Andrew, Michal, Staci, Mom, and Dad. Michal had prepared the meal in order to improve upon the last attempt on which my dad had disapproved. I found out that during the time that I was gone, she had made the awful mistake of using beets in a meal for my family. My dad hates beets. Unfortunately, I have previously made the same mistake. However, I have not arranged a second attempt for approval nor am I considering to plan for one. Needlesstosay, the dinner that Michal prepared was delectable. Michal and I are now sisters no matter what you want to say. And the reality of that was reflected when the sibling rivalry filled me with jealousy, as she lovingly said, "Kari, Dad LOVED my meal!!" I love that woman, Michal Paige. She is so dear to my heart.

Although the dinner itself was a highlight of the evening, the dynamics of our family relationships (Andrew and Michal included) mixed with our distinct Andersen quirkiness brought the satiety of the meal. At one point during this dinner, Staci and Dad enlightened us all with an original skit that was inspired by the 18th century. The witty conversation surrounding the dinner table made the meal complete. Then my dad started "the wave," which circulated several times around the small dinner table. Then, in congratulating Andrew's accomplishment in another year of life, we did our own rendition of the "Miss Congeniality wine glass act." We also celebrated Michal's success in impressing Dad with a long series of shouts, "Yay! Go Michal!," claps, and many other things I'm not even sure how I can describe. Sometimes....Most times, my family and I are out of control. It's great!

It's good to be back home. My family makes me laugh. Hard. Sometimes I end up in tears because I cannot contain the joy they bring to my life. My family. Quirky. Clever. Witty. Original. Strange. Awesome. Crude. Ridiculous. Undescribeable. The Andersens.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

A refreshing NEW blog coming SOON!! Stay tune folks....this one is going to be epic......

Now there are great expectations! YES!!